Trailer for your Weekend: Delivery Man

Way to go all out on the poster design

Way to go all out on the poster design

Plenty of people find Vince Vaughan insufferable. I actually don’t mind him, though he does choose to star in some garbage films. In this trailer for Delivery Man, he looks to be just working his same ol schtick, sans Owen Wilson in this case though. That is basically all you really need to know in order to decide if you can be fussed checking this one out. I probably will. Or maybe not. Isn’t really too much to get excited about. Hopefully Chris Pratt, who I am a fan of from Parks and Recreation gets a decent chance to involve himself in proceedings which may help liven things up a little.

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  1. Nice man! I am also with you with Vaughn, I like him but he’s made some crap decisions. A lot. I can’t decide about this one; I really really liked the version that came out last year (or maybe it was 2011) — Starbuck, directed by the same guy I do believe. That was actually quite enjoyable, and I hope the Americanized version is as good though I doubt it will be.

    1. Cheers for commenting man. I don’t think I realised that this was a remake. I have heard good things about Starbuck, so hopefully this is a decent interpretation.

  2. I liked this. Not the biggest fan of Vaughn but it’s got a great premise, and looks like it’ll be sweet and pretty funny.

    1. Thanks for commenting Fernando. Yep, hopefully he can pull it off.

  3. I recently saw the trailer at a movie theater and thought it looked slightly better than most stuff with Vince Vaughn… as in I might actually be able to watch it and cringe less than usual.

    1. I can understand that reaction to him. He does fall back into relying on his shtick a little too much. He is talented when stretched though. I like him in the few more serious roles I have seen him take on – The Cell and Into the Wild for example

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