Trailer for your Weekend: Getaway

getaway poster

So I tried to find a trailer for an upcoming Michael Caine film for this week’s trailer. But the only thing going around was a trailer for Now You See Me, a film that I have already featured in this segment and that has already opened in a lot of places. So The House of Caine will need to be briefly interrupted, because the trailer for The Getaway has absolutely with the great man.

I wasn’t the hugest fan of Spring Breakers, but I was really surprised by how good Selena Gomez was in it. I am quite the Ethan Hawke fan as well. So despite this film looking like it could definitely go either way, I am pretty psyched to see it. I am hoping it can be a real slice of high concept genre fun. Gnarly poster too Any thoughts?

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3 responses

  1. Selena Gomez was okay in Spring Breakers, but a lot of that has to do with the directing; she looks terrible in this role – and the plot feels recycled. I think this one’s gonna be a total dud!

    1. Oh I think you are being a bit harsh on her there. I think she was genuinely good in Spring Breakers. Not sure that too much credit can be given to the director, because I think that she was a fair bit more engaging than anyone else in the film.

      Having said that, whilst I hold out hopes for a little slice of genre heaven with this one, I suspect you will be spot on with your assertion that it will be a dud.

      1. No way man, did you see James Franco on Spring Breakers? That looked like an Oscar nomination performance! Now, not saying he should “win” an Oscar for that role, but I do think should get a nomination, assuming of course there aren’t 5 other flat-out stronger performances in that category, in which there could very well be; however I sincerely doubt the Academy will give him any consideration.

        To me, the best performances are where the actors come out of themselves and become completely immersed within their characters, and that’s precisely what James Franco did here, which is why I say it was well-directed. I do think Selena was pretty good in Spring Breakers, as well as the other girls, and that’s why I think it was the directing b/c I haven’t seen any of them turn in such strong performances in any of their other roles; i would also say this is James Franco’s strongest performance of his career – even better than 127 Hours.

        With all that in mind, some credit has to go to the director. I do understand why some would hate this movie, but it’s a movie worth seeing for Franco’s performance.

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