Trailer for your Weekend: Planes


You know I’ve had an arse of a week when I don’t manage to post anything between trailers. This week has been brutal, but I pressed submit on my last uni assignment for the semester last night, so hopefully normal(ish) service can now resume.

This week’s trailer is for Disney’s Planes, which I actually think looks ok despite the craptastic nature of this trailer, and I have been a bigger supporter of most of the House of Mouse’s recent output than many others out there. The issue here is what this film represents. Disney is taking over a Pixar property (in this case Cars) and milking it for all its worth. I don’t like this precedent at all. We have already seen a vast increase of Pixar sequels recently, but at least they were handled in house. I really do not want to see too many spin-offs of beloved Pixar works, being pumped out by Disney. 


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6 responses

  1. Hmm, I have to agree, Pixar should remain Pixar..

    1. If only. Disney seems to be becoming more and more involved in proceedings.

  2. I feel that Planes is practically made for the same reason as Cars: to sell toys.

    1. Yeah right on. Although, I am one of the very few defenders of the two Cars films. I really like them both. But I think that toy marketability is definitely a big part of them.

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