Trailer for your Weekend: Fast & Furious 6


Apologies for the relatively quiet week. The day job (they’re the worst aren’t they) has been hectic this week, including a trip on one day’s notice.

Anyways, let’s talk movies. The Fast and the Furious series has always been just about as daft as they come. I think I’ve seen three or so of them, and not particularly loved any of them. A lot of this is due to Paul Walker and Vin Diesel, who are utterly woeful actors. They are made to look even worse when they have to share the screen with The Rock. I think the former pro-wrestler has a lot of promise as an actor and is really quite watchable. So I may give this sixth entry into the series a go. Maybe. It does kind of look like the daftest film ever made. Is anyone actually a big fan of these films?

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