Trailer for your Weekend: The Host

The Host, based on a book by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer will undoubtebly be a huge hit when it hits screens next year due to its utterly huge ready made audience. I’ve never read any of her books, or seen any of the Twilight films, so I watched this trailer with no idea of what I was getting myself into.

And I came out of it intrigued… well somewhat. It has a pretty intense start. Then a horrible voiceover. The plot is an old one, but a pretty cool one nonetheless. It reminds me of the Animorphs series of books I read as a kid (anyone else used to read those, or just me?). The presence of Saorise Ronan in this is enough to have me prettu interested in checking out how it turns out early next year.

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5 responses

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  2. Hmm, not sure. The premise is somewhat interesting but given it’s based on Stephenie Meyer’s work, I bet the dialog will be awful. Saoirse Ronan should be doing better stuff.

  3. I read Twilight and watched the movies (total guilty pleasures) but as much as I giggle when I watch/read they really are atrocious and the morals in them – just geez. So I avoided this, her “adult” novel”, because I figured it would just make me cranky…

  4. I love Saoirse Ronan, but I’m not sure why she decided to do this film. Having said that, I’ll probably watch it for her.

    1. It does seem quite the strange choice for her at this point in her career. Mind you so did The Hunger Games for Jennifer Lawrence. Not sure what the attraction is for them.

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