Bondfest: A (hopefully noble) Failure

You may have already guessed as my progress has gone along, but I will not be finishing Bondfest as I had hoped. I am really disappointed that I will not be able to do so, and feel pretty genuinely like I have failed actually. Here are the reasons why I could not make it in the end.

Firstly, the plan was not well through at all. Some of the best adventures are those that you don’t really think about before embarking. But that is not always the case. It was always going to be really hard for me to complete what I set out to do. I was in Sydney on the first day, so was going to be behind from the get go really. And 22 movies in four days is a whole lot.

Also, when I was pushing myself to complete all 22, I found that I was not enjoying either the watching of the films or the writing about them. Plus I thought my writing was suffering, I definitely do not want to put people off reading my site by posting a bunch of shitty reviews. I still love the James Bond films, but there is no doubt that watching them back to back amplifies the repetitive nature of some of them. Plus like any series, there are definite ups and downs. As much of a joy as watching Dr No through Thunderball is, it does not make it a whole lot easier to sit through You Only Live Twice through Diamonds are Forever. But Bondfest will return. Like I said, I really enjoy the Bond films so will finish off the reviews on a more laidback basis.

I found that once I accepted I would not finish, I started enjoying myself a whole lot more. And in the end, that’s what movies and this blog are all about. You know I probably could have made it, if I gave up everything else in my life for four days. But I enjoyed celebrating a friend’s birthday Monday night, and I enjoyed cooking my partner dinner tonight. Films enhance life massively, but they are not life.

On that note, I have to take off. I have just decided to take myself off to the midnight screening which is on at the cinema just down the road. I have shamefully never been to a midnight screening so will be a nice new experience for me.

Thanks to everyone who has read or enjoyed any of these Bondfest posts.


–  Tim

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  1. Whatever works better for you, man! Take it easy. Blogging should not be a pain!

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