Bondfest is coming

I have been on holidays recently, hence not as many posts over the last few days. However after I return from Sydney, whilst I will still be on holidays you can expect a whole lot more posts coming your way. Why? Cause Bondfest is coming.

A week from today, the 23rd official James Bond film Skyfall opens in Australia. To celebrate I will be watching and reviewing all 22 existing films over a 4 day marathon effort, before reviewing Skyfall next Thursday. I am a huge fan of James Bond films, but not only that, the series was responsible for planting some of the earliest seeds of my love of film. Way before I would consider watching any other films more than a couple of years old, I was scrounging through the beat up VHS of my local video store to track down all the Bond films.

I hope you will come along and check out these reviews, starting from this Sunday. It is going to be a mammoth effort, I did not entirely think through the commitment it was. But the commitment has been made, and it is going to be quite the ride.

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  1. Good luck in what will definitely be a very intense, Bond-filled week :)!

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