Trailer for your Weekend: Stoker

tradition is toast.

I don’t really have any idea what the hell this is. But the bloke in it is Matthew Goode who features in the trailer.

I have to admit that I chucked this trailer on expecting John Cusack in The Raven lighthearted gothic stylings. That was until Nicole Kidman freaked the utter shit out of me in the trailer’s first 20 odd seconds.

After watching the trailer I am not entirely sure what to expect now. But I am intrigued. I am also intrigued by the strong Australian presence too. Kidman, Mia Waskikowska, Jackie Weaver and Matthew Goode who was so incredible in last year’s Burning Man all seem to be pretty major players in this (although I guess the latter is technically British). What do you guys make of this one?

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