The Film Brief Podcast

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Anima...

Hey look – it’s Batman!

Posting Jonathan Fisher’s entry into The Bergman Files earlier tonight made me realise that some of my newer readers may not be aware of the existence of The Film Brief podcast. So this is just a snappy little post to encourage you to check it out. The podcast is Jon’s baby which I am the regular co-host of. The format is always evolving, but currently consists of a review of a current cinematic release and something a little older. As well as the odd news tidbit and preview of upcoming releases.

Head over to iTunes and access the podcast here. Recent episodes focus on Looper and Moonrise Kingdom. I would also suggest you check out the episode where we discuss The Dark Knight Rises in which I masterfully parry all of Jon’s criticisms of the film with one sentence: “He’s Batman dude”. Check it out guys, and I would love to hear any comments or suggestions you have on the podcast.

To sweeten the deal, I will even throw in this adorable video of a Panda sneezing.

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