Trailer for your Weekend: Gangster Squad

Perhaps the trailers that get me the most excited are not those for films that I know will be fantastic or have hugely high expectations for. Rather, it is those that give me a glimpse of a film that could be incredible, or perhaps could just be average. More than maybe any other genre, the contemporary gangster film is a very inconsistent one. It is rare to find a really well made and enjoyable example. But when the genre is nailed just right, it can be something really exceptional. This trailer for Gangster Squad (rubbish name don’t you think?), shows that they have the feel downpat – the costumes, the voiceover, the violence. And a cracking cast. Who knows if that will translate into onscreen awesomeness, I have high hopes following the trailer. And I’ll definitely be checking it out to see which way it goes.

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2 responses

  1. This actually does look cool. Nicely shot, & Sean Penn looks genuinely scary. That said, I always take my trailer with a dash of salt. Will definitely watch this when it comes out at the local movies, though.

  2. This looks like it could be very good! It kinda looks like a lot of other gangster movies, LA Confidential etc, and, as you said, the name’s not great, but I’ll definitely go see it.

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