Trailer for your Weekend: Django Unchained

This is intended to be the first post in a weekly series. Whilst a lot of this blog focuses on older film, I am a lover of contemporary cinema as well. And what better way to share that love, and get a little excited for the weekend, then by sharing a trailer.

The trailers will not always be ones that have only just hit the net, but that’s what this week’s is. Below is the first teaser trailer for Tarantino’s Django Unchained. There is no other director working who is a genre on to himself. There are ‘Tarantino Films’ and this looks like it will be another one. Just check the soundtrack. Tarantino, love him or hate him, is a truly original beast and I can’t wait for this one to hit screens at the start of next year (earlier if you are reading this from the States). I think this is a really cool trailer. It lays down the narrative, but it doesn’t feel like all the best bits of it have been given away.

What are your thoughts on the trailer for Django Unchained?

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