Not Now, I’m Drinking a Beer and Watching A Movie

I am aware that this is in no way an original idea for a blog. Its purpose is to chronicle my attempts to track down and watch the 1001 films I should apparently see before I kick the bucket. * I’m sure others have undertaken and chronicled similar quests. I also make no claim of being a film critic. Rather I will use this forum to share my views on what I liked and did not like in individual films. I will not be making any claims regarding the ‘greatness’ of films; rather I will be making comments on what amongst them are my ‘favourites.’ Two very distinct things. At the time of beginning this blog I have already seen somewhere around 70 – 80 of the films on this list. I will re-view them for the purposes of commenting on them here as I go along.

I was motivated to take the time to start commenting on these films for a few different reasons. Already in tracking down and viewing some of these films I have been exposed to filmmakers whose work I would never have seen otherwise. Orson Welles and Werner Herzog are two who spring to mind. Maybe by writing about these filmmakers others will be inspired to search out the films of directors such as these. Secondly is that hopefully by maintaining this blog I will be more motivated to keep up at watching these films and keep tracking down some of the more obscure works on the list. And lastly is that I, like many people I am sure have quite a poor memory. So hopefully by recording my feelings about these films I will have something to look back on when my memory of them fades somewhat.

Sourcing the films on this list, especially the earlier ones is not always easy. The main place that I source them from is the local library system here in Canberra which operates an excellent service. Other places I find them are in my own personal DVD collection, local video shop, university and through mates. I am sure that as I make my way through this list I will come across a number of films which elude me. So I will occasionally share with you my attempts to track down these hard to find films.

I would love to hear your comments and opinions on my posts. Let me know if you agree or (politely) disagree with my sentiments. But please also bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and personal opinions can never be wrong (unless you like Nickelback or Dan Brown books, in which case they are).

Thats it for now. Time that I started watching a movie rather than continued sitting in front of my computer writing about it. Stay well.

* My list is sourced from the widely available book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die edited by Steven Jay Schneider and published in Australia by Harper Collins.

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